(Top Secret) For The Eyes of Motivated Coaches Only!

Want an unfair advantage over other coaches and a secret weapon to get new clients rushing in for just a few bucks a day?!?

If so, read on …

Dear coach,

Since 2014 I’ve had the pleasure of helping hundreds of coaches build successful online businesses (thousands of coaches, when you include those who have benefitted from my digital programs and communities).

But after a few years of getting great results for my clients, I kept encountering a problem that was really bugging me.

You see, a lot of coaches wanted to work with me 1:1, but I charge $10,000 for that (I’m good at what I do, so I’m not cheap!). Many didn’t have the resources to hire me at that time, and since I’m not a heavy-sell, arm-twisting, “max-out-your-credit-cards-or-sell-your-first-born-child-to-hire-me” kind of guy I wished them well and we went our separate ways.

But knowing that those coaches were struggling when I could have helped them was driving me crazy!!!

So in 2017 I launched something to fix that nagging need in the coaching space:

Marc Mawhinney

Helping coaches get more clients without paid ads since 2014

Secret Coach Club!

Secret Coach Club is a monthly hard copy newsletter where I share with subscribers my best strategies and advice for getting more coaching clients … this is stuff that doesn’t require paying for expensive advertising or building complicated funnels.

For the last four years, SCC subscribers from around the world have gone behind the curtain to learn what’s working for me and for my clients, written as if I’m talking directly to a client and with no BS, fluff, or filler. 

Secret Coach Club contains exclusive content – not recycled social media posts or emails, and it’s designed to be consumed quicky and put into action to start making money right away.

I’ve made it so valuable that should your house catch on fire, it’ll be the first thing you’ll rush in to save (other than your family photographs, of course).

Look, I know that it’s a noisy online space with lots of “gurus” and overnight experts hawking expensive junk without having the experience or results to back it up, but with Secret Coach Club you’re going to learn from someone who has interviewed over 700 successful coaches on my Natural Born Coaches podcast, built one of the top communities for coaches online (The Coaching Jungle Facebook group, with over 20,000 members and growing by leaps and bounds every day), and who has helped thousands of coaches get more clients without paid ads over the years.

 (In other words, I didn’t just roll out of bed this morning and start doing this. I’ve been around the block …)

So here’s what you get with your Secret Coach Club subscription:

  • The 16 to 20 page hard copy newsletter, plus bonus inserts (IE: exclusive interview transcripts that can’t be found anywhere else) delivered directly to your door every month.While most issues are divided into four or five sections, you’ll also get special “Theme Issues” that focus on one specific topic (past theme issues have revolved around subjects like daily emails, group coaching programs, getting booked as a guest on 100 podcasts a year, starting a podcast, laser coaching, niching down, and masterminds).
  • A “Marc’s Musings” section in every issue, in the style of Stan Lee’s Stan’s Soapbox in the old Marvel comics (this is a place where I really let loose!)
  • A “No Fluff/No Filler Pledge” (there’s already enough fluff and filler in the coaching world, and I’m allergic to it)
  • Surprise gifts throughout the year (sorry, no vacations or laptops – but these are gifts that will help you make more money!)
  • Email access to “Pick Marc’s Brain”! As a subscriber you’ll get a secret email address to reach me with any questions or to get help on anything you’re stuck on with your coaching business (I don’t let anyone pick my brain, other than my Secret Coach Club subscribers and clients)
  • Client and interview referrals (No guarantees on this, but I’ve handed a lot out over the years and it’s a potential subscription perk)
  • Special discounts and early access to my new products and offerings (these include discounts up to 50% off and sometimes months before they’re available to the public)

Ready to get your coaching business rocking and rolling?

Get me in your corner for about three dollars a day – your first new client will pay for years of your subscription!

There are two subscription options – $97 monthly, or $997 per year (you save $167 with the annual option) … don’t delay!


“I love Secret Coach Club! Marc focuses on specific business growth ideas and strategies for coaches in every issue … I save them all to return to and read again. Go subscribe!”

– Deborah Ager, Writing Coach and Trainer


“I’ve been a business coach and consultant for nearly 30 years, and I’ve subscribed to Secret Coach Club since Marc’s very first issue. It’s always packed with great ideas and worthy of a spot on your monthly reading list. I recommend that you subscribe today …”

– Ben Pritchett, Business Coach and Consultant

“Secret Coach Club is packed with value and gems that make it worth much more than the subscription fee. I used to undercharge for my coaching, but I took what I learned from it and dramatically increased my fees … I now charge $5000/month for my VIP clients, and I’ll probably be increasing that. Thanks Marc for all that you do!”

– Taniya Hussain, Muslim Alchemist Transformational Coach


“I’ve been a Secret Coach Club subscriber for several years – the clear benefit that Marc brings is unvarnished honesty in his take on the coaching world and how that applies to individual coaches. He gives you necessary information and his experienced opinion, even if that opinion is unpopular or flies in the face of standard “wisdom”. You’d be wise to join Secret Coach Club”

– David Turok M.D., Physician’s Coach, Health and Beauty Coach

“I regularly take the time to sit down and read my issues of Secret Coach Club! It’s edgy, it’s different, and it’s on paper. Coaches will benefit from the hard-hitting info that Marc shares – he pulls no punches, tells it like it is, and gets right to the point. And I love that he sometimes includes special bonuses and surprises. Join Secret Coach Club and level up!”

– Lewis Vandervalk, Owner of Blue Crocus Solutions

Every month, receiving the Secret Coach Club, is like getting your favorite candy bar…it’s an addiction. You can’t help but gobble it up. Marc shares valuable and actionable nuggets each issue! It’s great to get away from the keyboard to read and enjoy. And who doesn’t LOVE getting surprises in the mail?

Jennifer Dunham, Founder of Time, Money & Happiness Matters



Q) Is this only for coaches? What about other types of entrepreneurs?

A) Secret Coach Club is for coaches. While I believe any entrepreneur can benefit from the information inside, I recommend that only coaches (or people in the coaching world, ie: service providers for coaches) subscribe.


Q) Can I get a digital copy emailed instead of a hard copy mailed?

A) No.


Q) Why can’t I get a digital copy?

A) People tend to value something they can hold in their hands more than something that’s going to get lost amongst thousands of files on their computers. They’re used to getting only junk mail or bills by mail, so there’s something special about receiving a valuable package in their mailbox that will make them money.

Also, I like doing things differently than others in my space, and since few are doing the hard copy newsletter format then I want to stand out from the crowd this way.


Q) Since I live in a location with unreliable mail service, can I get a digital copy?

A) No.


Q) $97/month for a newsletter? That’s expensive! How do you sleep at night charging that much???

A) I don’t play in the $10 or $20 space. I charge this much to weed out coaches who aren’t serious about investing in their businesses (the ones I call “freeple” and “cheaple”). I want subscribers who view Secret Coach Club as an investment and use it to make five or six figures of additional revenue every year (in that case, I’d say it’s a bargain!).

PS: You can save on your subscription by choosing the annual option rather than the monthly one (this saves you $167/year).

PPS: I have no trouble getting to sleep at night …


Q) When can I expect it to arrive?

A) Your first package will go out immediately after you subscribe, and you should receive every future package by the middle of each month. If for some reason you don’t receive your newsletter, email me and a new one will be rushed out to you.


Q) Re: picking your brain, can we do a video call instead of an email?

A) Unfortunately I don’t have time to do video brain-picking calls, so these have to be done by email (I respond to most subscriber questions within 24 hours)


Q) When am I charged? Can I cancel at anytime?

A) You are charged when you first subscribe, and if you choose the monthly subscription you’ll be charged every 30 days after that (or for an annual subscription, you’ll be charged on your annual anniversary). You can cancel at any time by sending an email to the address at the bottom of this page.


 DO NOT subscribe to Secret Coach Club if you have a thin skin and are easily-offended, or you aren’t willing to roll up your sleeves and take action on what you learn inside its pages … it won’t work if it sits on your shelf collecting dust!

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